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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Bob Mc Lachlan

Chief of Culture

“You wake up one day and ask “Why am I on this planet?” I joined Green Glass Global to start something special. It enabled me to provide a portfolio of products for like-minded people to represent and sell while living a life worth living, and provide the opportunity for wine, spirits, or alternative beverages to stand in front of a key buyer and have them say yes or no without all the usual industry clutter of, “It can’t be done.” I love what I do!”

Chrisy Hurst

Opportunities Orchestrator

” I love wine. I love people. And I love my independence. I’ve been on the supplier side and the distributor side. It was time for me to do something different. I wanted to continue my path in the wine industry and expand my spirits horizons without having the usual corporate world constraints. Working as a broker with Green Glass allows me to have it all…freedom to manage my own business, relationships, and time while engaging with their partners and having access to great resources under a fantastic support system.”

Jim Grace

Creative Director of Free Time Management

“Happiness is a choice and GGG allows me to exercise that choice. I have the freedom to live my lifestyle without corporate interference. GGG gives me the ability to create my own vision, schedule, accounts to successfully execute the goals of our vendors.”

Carl Stunz

Captain Container

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to work as an independent broker with Green Glass Global. The team has vast experience in the beverage industry, expertise in many areas of the business, and are all like-minded professionals.

I appreciate the flexibility that GGG provides to focus on my business, and develop success with their partners. I’m able to focus on the buyer relationships I have developed over the years to bring success to the company.”

Michael Greenfeld

Chief Experimental Ambassador

“The main reason that I enjoy working with Green Glass Global is that I have the freedom to leverage my relationships with buyers and key decision makers to ascertain their needs and wants and to be able to fulfill those requirements. It’s a very unique situation with a company that I haven’t experienced in more than thirty-five years in the business.”

Carl Sanchez

“I have over 25 years of hands on experience in the hospitality, Grocery and wine and spirits businesses. 
I gained an appreciation for fine wine and spirits while working as a General Manager at a fine Italian bistro. This new found appreciation sparked me to move into the wine and spirits wholesale world working with top distributors.
I also have a strong belief in building solid, long lasting relationships with my account base.”

Bridget Ellis

“After stepping away from my career to focus on raising my three children, I wanted to get back into the workplace; however, I wasn’t quite sure how. Green Glass Global was the perfect fit for me. It afforded me the flexibility to work anywhere in the world.  I have been blessed to live in an area surrounded by cutting edge trends, buyers, and suppliers in Northwest Arkansas, home to Walmart, JB Hunt, and Tyson.”

Nelson Rivera

“Following my over 15 years of sales in Goods, I would like to continue working with a network of expertise people that I can provide value and growth.”

Kari Eichhorst

“I’ve been immersed is the food and wine industry since I was 8 years old watching my Grandmother run a restaurant that she still owns to this day (40 plus years later). 

Watching the hustle and love given to guests that became friends, and part of our family. 
It’s something in your blood. A passion and love for the industry.  As the years passed, I learned that wine and spirits bring people together. 
Making new friends; some becoming family.  Stories told. Laughter. Learning, educating, and sharing a passion for smiling, stories, and respect for one another over a pour is what makes an experience.

Taryn Lewis

716 Beverage Brokers

“I’ve worked on the supplier/importer side for many years. I was ready for a change, the support of GGG gives me the freedom to be on my own and manage my own business. Now I’m able to cultivate the buyer relationships I’ve developed throughout the years and offer solutions for success.  GGG has a multitude of supplier and buyer relationships, it’s quite easy to bring them together with a massive selection of wine & spirits, private label, inventory reductions and niche brands that aren’t on every shelf.”

Trevor Blair

Great Wine & Spirits E-Commerce Ambassador

” As a West Coast Wine & Spirits Enthusiast, it is an honor to get work with Green Glass Globals outstanding Beverage Portfolio ! I love live music, casinos, and luxury boutique hotels. Therefore, it will be truly remarkable to give independent Wineries and Distilleries the opportunity to showcase their world class products in the new direct to consumer marketplace. Additionally, I have a strong foundation in Winery & Spirits Direct sales to casinos, hotels, liquor stores and live entertainment venues.”

Mike Hull

Duke of Distributors

” After retiring earlier this year from almost 40 years on the supplier side of the wine and spirits business, I decided I missed the power of relationships in the industry. A happy birthday greeting to Bob McLachlan on social media kindled a new beginning for me. Bob invited me to join GGG. I was thrilled to accept the invitation and look forward to reengaging with current industry friends and making new ones. It’s going to be fun to have fun again.”

Joe Delgado

Master of The Happy Hour

“I am fortunate to be part of Green Glass Global and grateful for the remarkable growth opportunities it has to offer. I have been in the Wine and Spirits industry for over 20 years and this has provided me with solid experience and strong relationships. As a Broker for GGG, I have the opportunity to continue building and growing business relationships but more importantly, it allows me to offer them solutions that will allow them to grow their business. This is my passion.”

Fred Brown

Director of Fun

“My Identity is all-encompassing of my memories, work experience, feelings, thoughts, relationship & my true values. They define who I am & what I have accomplished over many years.
In a nutshell….I am a lot more than just “one thing”…..
I have found my authentic self at Green Glass Global and am able to live a true life and pursue my meaningful goals….”

Sam Ray

Loving Life and Working for GGG

“With over 35 years in the Distributor World, I’m looking for new challenges and Sales opportunities in the Broker Arena.”

Cole Dennis

Wine & Spirits Liaison

“While I have worked for years on the manufacturing side for wine, Green Glass Global is affording me the opportunity to push myself on the sales side and interface with retailers and distributors while being in a supportive environment that allows for good learning opportunities to further develop my skills and build my career.”

Aidan McLachlan

Social Media Management Intern

“Hello, my name is Aidan McLachlan. I am an international business student at Loyola University New Orleans. I have taken courses on the future of business and innovation and know that the business world is evolving.  Green Glass Global is a business adapting and committed to this evolution, which draws me to this company. Social media is at the forefront of this wave of business innovation, so I want to learn more about social media management through this position. “

Tim Soufan


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